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Common Questions

Did we just read your mind?

How much does a pool cost?

This is usually the first question asked when thinking about the possibilities of building a pool. A standard-size pool with "PIT" standard features, starts in the $55K range. Location/access and upgrades to size and features can increase this price.

How much can I save with Pool It Together?

The actual dollar amount will vary based on the size and scope of your specific build. However, your final purchase price tends to be 10-25% less than other builders. Some clients reinvest those savings into additional features, while others just "pocket" the cash.

What are your financing options?

This process works best by having access to cash which can be obtained in a variety of ways. Our clients often get cash through home refinancing, home equity lines of credit, or working with one of our preferred vendors like Viking Capital. You can click the button below to start the process with them.  

How is Pool It Together different from its competitors?

We set out to design and build "YOUR" pool, not the "pool" that is convenient for "Us" to build. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that makes you smile every step of the way. You are not just a "job" to us. We put the same energy and attention to detail into your pool as if it were our own. We don't use bait-and-switch tactics in our pricing and actively work to provide you with the highest quality product possible. 

Is there a warranty?

Yes! Warranty details vary based on the item. Equipment, materials, and trade labor are all warranted to varying degrees. For example, most Pentair equipment comes with a 3-year warranty, and most trade labor carries a 2-year warranty. All the warranty details will be outlined in the agreement. 

Can I source my own materials?

Yes and no. By default, we will guide you to use the right equipment and products for your build. If you find a product that we recommend for a lower cost, you are more than welcome to make the purchase directly. For warranty purposes, some materials need to be supplied by the trades directly. 

How long does the process take?

This is always the million-dollar question. Please visit the "Build Timeline"  page under "Our Process"  to see a detailed breakdown of the construction process. Many factors go into determining the time it takes to build; weather changes and other outside circumstances can add additional, unforeseen time onto a build. In a perfect world with no delays, you can go from excavation to fill-up in 3-4 weeks. Please contact us to inquire about the current projected build times. 

Do I need to be home the entire time?

No. But you will need to be home during the "final inspection" phase. We will need access to your yard through out the duration of the build. 

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