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How You Get It Done For Less

So, you have decided you don't have months to learn, plan, and oversee a pool construction project you have never done. You also don't want to overpay with the "big box" companies. You probably want to know how we can help you save thousands of dollars right? You will learn below why choosing Pool It Together will be the best decision that you can make.

PIT Start Line

There are a few factors that go into why you can save so much money through our process. The main reason is that a typical pool builder is good at building profit into everything they say you need. As the consumer, you have no idea what anything actually costs. If the builder can negotiate a lower rate with a subcontractor, they don't pass those savings on to you. At Pool It Together, we charge a simple and transparent, flat rate commission for our management services and negotiate the lowest possible price for each trade.

By sourcing materials through us, we give you wholesale or contractor discounted prices without the builder markup. By paying for as much as possible in cash, subcontractors will often give cash discounts that can effectively offset the sales tax.

PIT Tax Savings
PIT Pool Equipment

Pool builders can get pool equipment for the lowest cost right? Yes and no. Large builders have buying power, but the savings they get with that power aren't passed on to you. Typically, you are not being sold the equipment at anything close to the wholesale rates. Pool It Together doesn't mark up the cost of equipment but instead passes those savings directly back to you, the client. 

You will only work with the most reputable subcontractors that have built thousands of pools. Pool It Together, and all the subcontractors, possess the necessary skills and certifications to complete the work being licensed, bonded, and insured whenever applicable. 

PIT Licensed Bonded Insured
PIT Pool Party

We treat your pool build like it is our own, that is not just a tagline statement. We are a perfectionist at heart and probably drive the contractors a little crazy at times. This concept helps us keep on top of the construction timeline, avoids costly mistakes and delays, and gets you closer to experiencing the pool you never thought you could get. 

Our clients typically save 10-20% or more when compared to a traditional pool builder, and you can typically finish your pool in less time. 

How We Do It For Less: Projects
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