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Pricing Options

Everyone's dream is different, and we have options to make most of them a reality. We don't charge an overall percentage of your build like some companies, but instead, we charge a simple flat-rate management fee. This way you can experience more savings no matter how big or small your design may be.

Pool It Together Tiered Water Feature Wall w/Planter
Pool It Together Large Spa
Pool It Together Landscaping

 Pool Only

$6,000 Flat Rate

This is our full-service option

  • Initial Consultation

  • Design/Planning

  • City Permits Filing

  • Materials/Equipment Sourcing

  • Construction Management 

  • Homeowner Pool Orientation/Start-Up

**Additional surcharge fees may apply, see details below.

SPA Addition

$500 Flat Rate

In addition to Pool Only Pricing

Wanting to use your pool in more ways than just to swim? The addition of a SPA will help give you the relaxing therapy a pool can provide. 

Adding a SPA involves much more than just digging a bigger hole. Our team will make sure the highest standards are upheld during the addition of your SPA.

*Done in conjunction with pool

Backyard Landscape

$750 Flat Rate

In addition to Pool Only Pricing

Most homeowners find that with the savings gained from building their pool with us, they can now afford to landscape and design their whole backyard dream. 

We can help you complete that in the same manner as your pool. 

*Done in conjunction with pool. Not a stand-alone service.

*These rates only cover the construction management fee of Pool It Together, LLC. The pool/yard material costs, subcontractor labor costs, city permit fees, and engineering plan fees are all additional and based on the project details.

*Prices are subject to change before agreement signing.

**$1,500 Additional Fee Surcharge for Pools costing between $75-99K.

**$3,000 Additional Fee Surcharge for Pools costing $100-149K.

**Projects over $150K, Surcharge is case by case.

**Additional fees may apply for projects outside the designated coverage zone.

Pricing: Industries

Payment Schedule

We designed our payment schedule with you in mind. By breaking up the payments into 3 parts, we eliminate the risk of leaving you "high and dry" and also have a built-in incentive to see your pool through to the end.


Payment 1

The first payment covers Phases 1-6 in our build timeline.


Payment 2

The second payment covers Phases 7-10 in our build timeline.


Final Payment

The final payment covers Phases 11-14 in our build timeline.

*Please reference the link below for details of each phase of construction.

Pricing: Schedule
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