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How Does This Process Work?

Building a pool is not a new concept but it can be a very intimidating one though. Unless you currently work in construction or project management, this is going to be a foreign process for most individuals/homeowners who are attempting to DIY their pool.


To start, we need to fully understand how the "big box" pool builders build pools. It is rare that any of those companies have their own employees doing every phase of construction. All the builders share the same subcontractors. One excavation company may dig the pools for 10+ builders around the valley. The same goes for the other trades involved.

Their goal isn't always to provide you with your dream pool at an affordable price but to "bait-and-switch" you with some entry-level pool package that you will either not be fully happy with or end up adding to the overall costs through various upgrades. Big box builders like to build you "their" pool as it is easy to duplicate the same design over and over. 
Now that you realize a standard pool builder is probably not the best choice for you, there are two alternatives to get the backyard of your dreams.

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The first alternative is to take a few weeks to educate yourself on the building process and building/city codes. You then will need a good understanding of what pool equipment is needed based on your desired pool build. Then most importantly, you will need to find all the different subcontractors needed to complete the work. *Finding the various trades is the hardest part.

After receiving bids from all the subcontractors and engineers, you will have to schedule them in the correct sequence to start construction. Depending on your specific project, you will also need to schedule the various city inspections at the appropriate times in order to avoid delays.

Sounds easy, right?

The second option is to work with a company like Pool It Together. Instead of you having to navigate the waters of pool construction alone and pay for costly potential mistakes; you can rely on our expertise to align everyone the same way a big box pool builder would. The difference is our goal is to save you the most amount of money and advise you with your best interest first.

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So assuming you don't want to overpay for a pool from a standard builder, you are left with a choice. Spend the next few weeks trying to educate yourself on how to design a pool, source all of the equipment, identify all of the subcontractors you need, and spend the next few months overseeing the job site every day.

Or, you can choose Pool It Together to help you save time and money in the most efficient way. 

Click below to learn how we do it for less. 

How Does This Process Work: Projects
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