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Construction Timeline

Below is a step-by-step timeline of how the typical pool construction phases are completed.


*This sample timeline does not include any delays due to weather or outside circumstances.  

Phase 1: Design, Final Bidding, and Permitting

*4-8 weeks

This is the first part of the pool building process and also the longest. Step one is to finalize your pool design.

Once the final plans are approved, the bidding and negotiation process with all the subcontractors.


Phase 2: Site Layout and Excavation

The excavation crew will spray paint or string out an outline of your pool.  

In one to two days, you will be the official owner of a hole in the ground!

Phase 3: Plumbing & Gas

Your plumbing crew will spend the day laying all of the pipes needed for your pool equipment and water features. 

*Depending on your project, two or more days may be required. 


Phase 4: Rebar (The Structure)

Your steel crew will spend the next 1-2 days creating the "skeleton" of your pool. This is the structure for your pool walls/floors and is critical to the strength of your pool.

Phase 5: Electrical

Your electrical crew will spend the day wiring all of your pool lights, pool equipment, pool automation panel and any additional electrical items included in your pool design.

*This may be completed over the course of two separate trips based on the specific design of your pool. 

city inspection .jpeg

Phase 6: First City Inspection (Pre-Gunite)

No trades will be working today as the city will need to sign off on the work that has been completed thus far. They are going to verify that your setback lines are correct, your pool is properly plumbed and grounded, and everything is up to code.

Phase 7: Gunite

One of the most exciting days of the construction process. Your shotcrete crew will spend the day creating the concrete shell of your pool/spa. 


*This is one of the few phases actually worth watching.  


Phase 8: Curing of the Shell

The fresh shotcrete will need to be water-cured over the next week. This will help prevent the structure from drying too quickly. 

Phase 9: Tile and Coping Prep

While your pool shell is curing, your tile crew can begin the process of prepping for your waterline tile, coping material, and any other tile features you may have in your design. Any masonry work will also be completed at this time

*Depending on the complexity of your design, this may anywhere from 3-10 days on average.


Phase 10: Pool Clean-out/Entry Barrier Installation

During this phase, your pool needs to be prepped for the interior finish. Your cleanup crew will remove all construction debris, cut down your plumbing pipes, and clean out the pool so that it is ready for your choice of pebble finish. 

Also at this time, any access point to the pool will need to have a city-approved security mechanism in place. 

*If applicable: backyard and patio installation may begin at this time. 

Phase 11: Final City Inspection

Today the city will do a final walkthrough of your pool and check all of your gates, doors, sliders, and windows for the required safety setup as well as sign off that your pool was built to code.

city inspection .jpeg

Phase 12: Interior Finish

Your choice of pebble finish will be applied today in a similar way as the gunite phase.

Phase 13: Acid Wash & Fill-Up

Today your pool becomes a real "pool". The interior finish crew comes back to perform an acid wash of the pool finish. This removes the residual construction film that forms on the pebble finish after curing. 

Immediately after the wash is done, the fill-up process will begin!


Phase 14: Pool Start-Up and Orientation

Now that your pool is complete, we will walk you through the start-up procedures and familiarize you with all of the equipment and features of your finished dream pool. 

There are many things you can and cannot do during the first 30 days, we will review all of those items with you during the orientation. 

Have any questions about the construction process?
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