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The Importance of High-Quality Swimming Pool Equipment for a Safe and Enjoyable Swim

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Assuming you want your pool to function properly with the best possible high-quality pool equipment, Pool It Together makes every effort to use the best manufacturers available. Because we are not dealers of any one particular brand and we are not trying to build personal profit into the products we sell. Our goal is to give you an unbiased offering that lives up to the high expectations you expect as a client.

Pentair Logo

We use and recommend Pentair products for most of the pool mechanicals. This will include the pumps, filters, heaters, automation controls, lights, in-floor cleaners, and suction cleaners. *In-floor cleaners are via A&A Manufacturing which is a Pentair company.

By default, Pool It Together utilizes automation controls on every custom pool build. This allows you to control your pool remotely via your phone or tablet. Features like: filter pump control, heater control, spa control, lighting control, water feature control, pool cleaner control, and sanitizer control can all be done remotely. All of these items can be prescheduled to run at the time you choose.

By purchasing products through Pool It Together, you are extended the Pentair Trade Grade product warranty which offers 3 years of coverage should there be any defect with the product. *Products purchased through online retailers are only offered a 60-day warranty.


Majestic Water Spouts

Majestic Water Spouts is an Arizona local company that we use to provide us with the majority of our water features. This includes high-quality items like sheer descent spillways, fountains, scuppers, and water spouts.

They have a variety of finishes and sizes along with the ability to create custom-sized items when needed.

You can check out their selection Here.


In Closing:

Every pool will have a different equipment set up based on the size, features selected, and the placement of equipment. Contact our team to learn more about how we can plan your next pool project.

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